Migrating Software Licenses from 6 x to 7 and getting errors

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Trying to migrate licenses and they are getting an error when the migration is tried.



'Failed to migrate legacy software license (0c7d8d50-0ba2-436b-abec-85dbb2f4fb92)
( Exception Details: Altiris.ContractManagement.ResourceTypeDefinition.Contract.SoftwareLicense+AeXMissingAuthorizationGroupException: Missing Authorization Group information in data class Authorization Clients. Invalid row contains clients: Windows x86


CMDB 7.0 sp1

Asset Management Solution 7.0 mr3



Inside the Authorization Clients data class you have a collection but not a authorization group (either Computer, Owner or Primary User).
To verify run this query:
      i.Name, i.Guid, c.Name as CollectionName, c.Guid as CollectionGuid, ac.[Authorization Group]
      vItem i
      join Inv_Authorized_Collections_Asset65 ac on i.Guid = ac._ResourceGuid
      join vItem c on ac.Collection = c.Guid
order by i.Name, c.Name



If you find the Authorization Group does not contain any data, you can update the database to give it either ‘Computer’ or ‘Owner’, or ‘Primary User’ as its value. This value has to match the collection. If the collection contains only computers, then the Authorization Group value should be ‘Computer’. Otherwise can be either ‘Owner’ or ‘Primary User’.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH152871

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