How to setup LiveUpdate for NetBackup 7 using IIS to host the files.

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How to setup LiveUpdate for NetBackup 7 using IIS to host the files.


1- Ensure that your Master/Media server is equal to or higher than the version to which you are updating the clients.  

  •     Master and Media servers should be updated manually.
  •     Only clients should be updated using LiveUpdate.

2- Download the NetBackup LiveUpdate files from:

  •     Please note that the links for downloading the files are located near the bottom of the page.
  •     LiveUpdate files are prefixed with "NBLU"
  •     For Windows platforms download only the updates you need for your architectures:  x86, x64, or IA64.
  •     For Unix platforms you will need to download all three files.

3- Unzip these files into a directory on the Web Server.

  •     Windows and Unix files can all be extracted into the same directory
  •     Allow duplicate files to be overwritten

4- Configure IIS.

    A. Create directory for LiveUpdate patches (mkdir e:\LiveUpdate)
    B. Configure IIS (Add Virtual Directory to Default Web Site)

        1- right-click Default Web Site
        2- select New
        3- select Virtual Directory..
        4- select Next on Welcome to the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard
        5- enter "LiveUpdate" for Alias on Virtual Directory Alias dialog box
        6- enter directory name from step1 (e:\LiveUpdate) for Path on Web Site Content Directory dialog box
        7- enable Read and Browse permissions on Virtual Directory Access Permissions dialog box

    C. Add a .flg MIME type to the IIS web server

5- Create a LiveUpdate Policy

  • In the policy, specify the path to the LiveUpdate directory:
  • add clients to the LiveUpdate policy


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