Recovering Password of Symantec Endpoint Encryption version 8.0.0

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You forgot the SEE Manager Password


You are trying to perform any task which prompts for SEE Manager password which you forgot


Following are the steps : -

1. Login to the SQL Studio, with sa or windows authentication.
2. Backup the SEEMSDb under Databases and save it on any hard drive location.
3. To back up the SEEMSDb, right click on the SEEMSDb and click on "Tasks", and click on "Backup"
4. Safe the backup file on a safe location
5. Expand Databases, expand SEEMSDb, expand Tables and under “Tables ” look for dbo.GEMSDeploymentkeys
6. Right client dbo.GEMSDeploymentkeys and then click on "Open Table"
7. On the right hand side delete the "<Binary data>"
8. Uninstall SEE Full Disk and Removal Storage
9. Uninstall the SEE Framework without removing the database. Make sure to uncheck the "Use SEE Server"
10. Reinstall the SEE Framework and point to the same database
11. Reinstall SEE Full Disk and Removal Storage
12. Install the OTPKeyChanger.msi on the SEE Server
13. Go to C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Encryption Manager\OTPKeyChanger and run OTPKeyChanger.exe
14. Enter the SEE new password and extract the OTPKeychanger package
15. Run the new OTPKeyChanger.msi to all the client machine

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