Upgrading the Symantec Enforcer appliance over TFTP

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In Symantec Network Access Control (SNAC) 11.0, how can I upgrade the software running on the Symantec Enforcer appliance?


The Enforcer appliance can be upgraded using a CD or over TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol); this article outlines how to upgrade using TFTP.


  • An ISO image from Symantec with the new SNAC Enforcer build
  • A running TFTP server


  • Extract the following files from the root of the ISO image into the directory shared by the TFTP server
    • packagelist2
    • Enforcer-[build-number].tgz.gpg
  • In the Enforcer appliance command line interface (CLI) type the following command:
    • update tftp://ipaddress-of-tftp-server
  • Press Y to continue
  • Wait for the Enforcer to complete the upgrade and reboot
  • After logging in, type the following command in the Enforcer CLI to verify that the upgrade was successful:
    • show version

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH153931

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