Hotfix for NetBackup 7.1 to resolve NetBackup stopping processing Storage Lifecycle Policies in high image backlog environments.

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In NetBackup 7.1, if nbstserv is restarted while any Storage Lifecycle Policy has a high number of images waiting for processing, the first session will not start as a CORBA timeout in nbstserv is reached.  After this occurs, the nbstserv process will restart...only to time out again.  This condition will continue with nbstserv in a constant loop of restarting and timing out.


This issue (Etrack 2279662) is currently scheduled to be addressed in a future release of NetBackup.


This issue is addressed in NetBackup and can be downloaded from here:

Readme Details:

Symantec Bug ID: 2279665
Version: NetBackup_7.1

Installation Location: Master Server

Fixes Included:

(ET2279665) NetBackup 7.1 may stop processing Storage Lifecycle Policies in high image backlog

Note:  This package is intended to address a specific condition or issue within an environment which meets the criteria documented above. DO NOT install this package if your environment is not experiencing the specific issue or does not match the criteria in which the issue could occur.

Installation Instructions:
Please follow the EEB Installer instructions available on

Package Contents:
Please choose the appropriate platform after download:

eebinstaller.2279665.1.AMD64.exe           Windows x64 Installation
eebinstaller.2279665.1.x86.exe                  Windows x86 Installation
eebinstaller.2279665.1.hpia64                    HP-IA64 Installation
eebinstaller.2279665.1.linuxR_x86 x64      RedHat Enterprise Linux Installation
eebinstaller.2279665.1.linuxS_x86 x64      SuSE Linux Enterprise Installation
eebinstaller.2279665.1.rs6000                    AIX Installation
eebinstaller.2279665.1.solaris                     Solaris SPARC Installation
eebinstaller.2279665.1.solaris_x86             Solaris 10 x64 Installation


File checksum:
4043454647 3305984 AMD64/nbstserv.exe
765084801 2314240 x86/nbstserv.exe
1825841361 30935080 hpia64/nbstserv
4266861805 8140209 linuxR_x86/nbstserv
1347798594 7630218 linuxS_x86/nbstserv
2882658957 20204997 rs6000/nbstserv
2850129594 12101736 solaris/nbstserv
3444934928 14813240 solaris_x86/nbstserv

Recommended service state:

Stop the nbstserv on the NetBackup Master Server before applying


Attachments is a NetBackup Hotfix for Media Servers (21.9 MBytes)

Supplemental Materials


SLP's may not continue processing after install of 7.1 (or a restart of nbstserv)

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