PGP Desktop Client Receives "bad parameters" error during enrollment on Mac OS X

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 During enrollment on a Mac OS X clients, users receives a "bad parameters" error message and enrollment fails.  PGP Desktop displays the following symptoms: 

  • No drive listed under PGP Disk
  • “Encrypt a Disk” button is grayed out
  • All affected users belong to same Group




 “PGP Enterprise Enrollment failed. PGP Enterprise Enrollment failed because of the following error: bad parameters.”



 When a user policy is created the license authorization information and license number are normally added to the XML preferences of the policy.  In this instance, the license information was not added to the Default policy from which the new policy’s creation was based on.




1.       Take screen shots or record any customization settings of the user policy. 
2.       Go to Consumers > Consumer Policy then select the affected policy.
3.       On the Consumer Policy Options at bottom of page, click Restore To Factory Defaults
NOTE:  You will need to re-apply customizations to affected policy.  If using the Default policy the same steps will need to be applied to it.


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