Not able to Decrypt as Client admin password not available

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Not able to decrypt the drives


Client Admin password required for Decrypting the drives


XP. Vista , Win 7.


Incorrect Client Admin password or a Client Admin password not available


Since retrieving a Client Admin password isn't a possibility, new Frame work and Package needs to be installed in order to decrypt the drives. Steps given below:

Create a new Frame work (where we can create new Client admin with new password) and FD (Full Disk) package from the SEE Management console.

Install the client on the said machine via Command prompt (MSIEXEC /i "[path]\Symantec Endpoint Encryption Framework client.msi" REINSTALL="ALL"REINSTALLMODE="vomus") and (MSIEXEC /i "[path]\Symantec Endpoint Encryption Full disk client.msi" REINSTALL="ALL"REINSTALLMODE="vomus")

After reboot drives can be decrypted with new Client Admin password

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