On-Demand Client (ODC) client state remains unchanged to DHCP Enforcer availability

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If the ODC (On-Demand Client) is placed in the allowed state and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) enforcer goes offline then online, the client will never switch status


Single DHCP enforcer (appliance)

Single manager

DHCP server and SEPM running on Win2k3 OS on physically separate VM environments

Client is running on XP SP3 in VM (Virtual Machine) environment

Server, Enforcer external NIC(network interface card), and XP client are plugged into 1 hub

Enforcer internal NIC and DHCP server are plugged into 2nd hub


By design, DHCP Enforcer will not detect the existence of SNAC / ODC clients automatically unless there's a DHCP activity from the client, such as DHCP release, renew or inform.

The status on ODC will change to QUARANTINE/APPROVED once DHCP lease time expires. or user manually execute "ipconfig /release" or "ipconfig /renew".

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH154170

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