Managing remote computers with Symantec System Recovery

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How do I back up remote computers using Symantec System Recovery using one to one management?


Symantec System Recovery lets you back up one or more remote computers over the network. This is a one to one management solution.  You must purchase a separate license for each computer you want to manage.  Symantec recommends this one to one management for managing smaller environments, up to 20 machines.  For environments with more than 20 machines one to one management will still work, however Symantec System Recovery Management Solution (SSR-MS) may want to be considered.

For one to one management, a computer (or computers) can be added in SSR  through the Computers tab and then selecting Add... Add Remote Computer  windows will pop up and the IP address or computer name can be added. 

For more information on managing remote computers with Symantec System Recovery, see the chapter: "Backing up remote computers from your computer".in the Symantec System Recovery User Guide.

If you have a larger Symantec System Recovery environment and you want to manage more than 20 clients, you should consider using the Symantec System Recovery Management Solution.



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