VERITAS Cluster Server Preinstallation Checklist

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VERITAS Cluster Server Preinstallation Checklist


VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) is not a difficult application to install. The following list will help make VCS perform at a more optimum level:

1. All node members must have the same Windows NT Service Pack (SP 6a or greater).

2. Correctly configured and working shared storage. SCSI devices must be correctly terminated.

3. Up to date Manufacturers software (for example, Compaq SoftPaqs).

4. Up to date Firmware and drivers.

5. Any software that controls the shared storage (i.e. Compaq Secure Path) must be configured and running prior to installing VCS.

6. Fully functioning Network connectivity. Private network NICs must be set to specific speed and half-duplex. Setting the values to Auto can and will cause the clusters to fail to operate properly. Therefore, the use of Auto for NIC speed and duplex mode is not supported. For full fault tolerance, one private network NIC from each server should be connected to a switch or hub. The other private network NIC from the server should be connected to a separate switch or hub. The separate switches or hubs should not be connected to each other anywhere on the network. Separate switches or hubs provides that they are not a SPOF (Single Point Of Failure).

Before installing VCS, it is wise to identify which NICs are to be used as Public and Private. This can be done by issuing an IPCONFIG /ALL at a command prompt.

If a IPCONFIG /ALL >nic.txt is issued, the results of the command are put into a text file called nic.txt. Do this for each member of the cluster. Identify which NICs are to be used for Public and Private network use. This information will be requested during the installation of VCS.

Network teaming cards can display as many cards. For example, if the node is employing a network teaming configuration of two NICs, VCS will display the individual NICs and the virtual NIC. In the case of Compaq, the individual NICs might display as N1001 and N1002. The virtual NIC (refers to both NICs as a group) might appear as CPQANC6. When selecting the Public NIC in this case, only the virtual NIC should be chosen (CPQANC6). Refer to the NIC's manufacturer if unsure of Virtual NIC's identity.

7. Log in as a user with Domain Administrator privileges.

8. Do not install VCS to shared storage. Install to default location.

If the above guidelines are followed, VERITAS Cluster Server will install without incident.

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