How to configure Software Portal to send you an email every time a user requests a software approval in version 7.x as it was done with version 6.0 and Helpdesk 6.0

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In NS version 6.0 and Helpdesk 6.0 there was process that will send an email to the approver
(Software portal manager or Admin) when the it was requested.  What is this process for version 7.x without Helpdesk?


ITMS 7.x,

Software Management 7.x


Helpdesk is not available in ITMS 7.x

In ITMS 7.x you the approver will get notification on schedule about requests made.  This can be set

to be as often as needed.


Suggestion will be to create a report to get data in during a specific time frame by dynamically collecting the current time and getting the time differences, lets say an hour or 30 mintues. The report will run every 1 hour and if it returns any results it will send an email to the approver otherwise it will do nothing.

-Go to the automation policies
-Look for the policy named "Software Portal" if you cannot find it create a new one.
-Expand details and select the data source=Report
-And select the report Software management Portal - software request status. You can create your own report or by using raw SQL
-The report can be set run for results only made during that hour()
an example query will be:
select * from vSMS_SoftwareRequestStatus
where RequestedDateTime between dateadd(hour,-1, getdate()) and getdate()
-The policy can be set to run more often as needed.  
select SWPSR.[MachineGuid] 'Guid',
SWPSR.[MachineName] 'Computername',
SWPSR.[UserName] 'Username',
SWPPI.[Name] 'Softwarename',
SWPSR.[State] 'State' ,
SWPSR.[Status] 'Status' ,
from SWP_SoftwareRequest AS SWPSR
 join vSWP_PublishingItem AS SWPPI
 on SWPSR.[PublishingItemGuid] = SWPPI.[Guid]
 where (datediff(minute,SWPSR.[RequestedDateTime],getdate()) < 11)
and SWPSR.[State] = 'Open'
I run the the report every 10[-/+] minutes and based on the result it sends an email to the group
responsible for approving software.

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