Error: "There was an error performing the update" when running an older version of LiveUpdate for Macintosh

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Running an older version (pre-5.1.2) of LiveUpdate for Macintosh with Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh fails to download new content. LiveUpdate is also not able to update itself to the current version.



In the LiveUpdate log (/Library/Application Support/Symantec/LiveUpdate/liveupdt.log), you see messages similar to the following:

The following files did not authenticate properly / private/tmp/liveupdate/nav$20for$20macintosh$20virus$20defs_microdefsb.curdefs_symalllanguages_livetri.zip1299343977628/liveupdt.grd & /private/tmp/liveupdate/nav$20for$20macintosh$20virus$20defs_microdefsb.curdefs_symalllanguages_livetri.zip1299343977628/liveupdt.sig
jluex: GfsPkcs7SignedFile::verifyCertPath():  objCertJ.buildCertPath failed to get cert path.



The Java LiveUpdate session did not complete successfully.
Return code = 234


This is due to issues with the pre-5.1.2 version of LiveUpdate connecting to the current configuration of Symantec LiveUpdate servers.

To confirm the version of LiveUpdate:

  1. Go to QuickMenu > LiveUpdate > Open LiveUpdate
  2. Under LiveUpdate, choose About LiveUpdate...



Manually update to the current release of LiveUpdate to obtain the current virus definitions and any other program updates that will fail to download using the older release of LiveUpdate.

NOTE: The LiveUpdate 5.1.2 stand-alone installer requires that LiveUpdate 5 or later is installed and the Mac OS version is 10.4.10 or later.
To install LiveUpdate 5.1.2 via stand-alone updater:
  1. Download LiveUpdate 5.1.2 stand-alone updater disk image for your language from:
  2. Double-click the downloaded dmg file. A disk icon should appear on your desktop with the same name as the dmg file, minus the dmg extension.
  3. Double-click the disk icon.
  4. Double-click LiveUpdate.mpkg and follow the installer’s instructions.

Once the install is complete, launch LiveUpdate again to download product content normally.


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