All computers report showing duplication of certain computers'

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The 'All Computers' report is showing duplicates of computers. This does not seem to happen with all computers in the List view but few.


CMDB Solution 7.1

Asset Management Solution 7.1


In the database Culture table, there is two culture records with the same PrimaryLanguageID, SubLanguageID and LCID but different culture
name. That is Simplified Chinese. So for the current All Computers report, unfortunately if any computer is using Simplified Chinese as its Windows OS’s
primary language, then the report will display a duplicate.


Follow the steps listed below:

1. Go to Reports > All Reports > Service and Asset Management > Picker Reports

2. Right click on the 'All computers' Report and Clone it.

3. Download the Attachment to this KB

4. Select the Cloned "All Computers' report and click on the edit button.

5. Under the Parameterize Query copy the sql from the AllComputersReportFix.sql and past it in this field.

6. Save Changes

Now we need to select the report to be used with Computer Resource

1. Go to Settings > All Settings > Notification Server > Resource and Data Class Settings > Resource Type > Asset Types > IT > Computers

2. Click on the link next to Associated reports

3. In the picker, browse down to the newly created report and select the new report.

4. Click OK

Now if you go to the computer resource it will be able to use the new report.



AllComputersReportFix.sql (3 kBytes)

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All computers report showing duplication of certain computers’

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