When vxfs fullfsck flag set, how to create a snapshot for the data volume

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When file system need full fsck, We can create a cache optimize  snapshot  to save original data for cause analyse.



Detail steps as  follow:

1. create a cache object

# vxasssist –g dgname make volcache1 1500g
# vxmake -g dgname cache cobj cachevolname=volcache1

# vxcache -g dgname start cobj

2.prepare snapshot for original data volume

#vxsnap -g dgname prepare vol

3.create snapshot

# vxsnap -g dgname make source=vol/newvol=sosvol/cache=cobj

After finish fullfsck, if you like to restore  original state, you can use snapshot restore :
4.when need restore:
#vxsnap -g dgname restore vol source=sosvol

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH154901

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