The "conduit.exe" process is using almost all available system CPU every minute

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After installing or upgrading Symantec Mail Security for Domino 8.0.7, 8.0.8 or 8.0.9 on a Domino server, and enabling Premium Antispam, it can be observed that the "conduit.exe" process is using almost all available system CPU every minute.


No errors reported by product logs.

When running a PerfMon capture of the CPU utilization by process "conduit.exe" on a Windows server, a graph similar to the following can be obtained:


  • Windows 2003 32bit;
  • Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) version (x32/x64);
  • Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) version (x32/x64);
  • Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) version (x32/x64);
  • Domino server versions 7.x or 8.x  (x32/x64)


Confirm the problem exists on a server

In order to confirm that a server is affected by this problem, the following steps can be taken on any Windows server:

  1. Download the file "Conduit_Perfmon.htm" attached below to the server
  2. Ensure that both SMSDOM and Premium Antispam are running
  3. Open the Performance Console (Start > Run > "Perfmon.msc")
  4. Expand the node "Performance Logs and Alerts", then right click "Counter Logs" and choose "New Log Settings From..."
  5. Select the "Conduit_Perfmon.htm" file you downloaded in Step 1
  6. Click OK when asked for the name (default: Conduit)
  7. Click OK to confirm any changes. The new counter will be now visible in the PerfMon pane.
  8. Select the new counter then click the "start" icon in the toolbar, the counter icon should become green.
  9. The counter will collect data for 30 minutes, at the end a CSV file will be available in the folder: C:\perfmonlogs
  10. The CSV file can be easily opened with Microsoft Excel and CPU values for the Conduit process should clearly show a high CPU utilization.



This issue has been resolved in version and higher. If you are experiencing this issue, please upgrade to the latest version of Symantec Mail Security for Domino.


Conduit PerfMon settings file
Conduit_Perfmon.htm (4 kBytes)

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