Memory Leak for OCSLoggingService.exe When IM Manager OCS Logging Service Cannot Connect to OCS Front End Service

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Memory utilization for OCSLoggingService.exe is high and keeps growing.

1. Open Windows Task Manager.  Click the Start menu and then click Run....  Enter taskmgr and click the Enter button.
2. Find the OCSLoggingService.exe process.
3. Notice that the memory is high and keeps growing.

 The size of the memory growth is between 100-200 MB per hour.




  • IM Manager OCS Logging Service Cannot Connect to OCS Front End Service

Windows Application Event log contains errors showing OCS Logging Service "unable to register with LCS":

SERVER01    3/4/2011    11:48:45 AM    18861    Application        0    LC Logging Service    0        <Warning>    Unable to register with LCS. Reason: Server not found. If LCS is running and this warning persists, verify the service logon user is a member of RTC Server Applications security group           

NOTE:  The reason may be different.



Memory leak in OCS Logging Service when it is unable to register with OCS.


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1. Ensure that the OCS Front End service is running and available. 
2. Restart the OCS Logging Service.

If the issue continues to occur contact Symantec Technical Support.

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