LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.x Release Notes

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This document describes known issues and provides additional information that is not included in the standard documentation or the context-sensitive Help.


LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.4

New features and enhancements

  • LiveUpdate Administrator is packaged with Apache Tomcat version 7.0.55 and PostgreSQL version 9.3.5.
  • Users can now see distribution centers list on home page those are not having latest revisions.
  • User can directly delete contents from corrupted distribution centers using ‘Wipe’ functionality provided under Distribution Centers.
  • SMTP port is now configurable from preference page.
  • New status ‘Distributing’ is added for distribution task.
  • Support added for Windows Server 2012.

New Fixes

LUA 2.3 Fixes
Defect KB Article Abstract
3633378 TECH225574 Asterisk insertion of password field in LUA web interface causing proxy authentication configuration confusion/mistakes.
3589609 N/A Some characters in admin password not supported by LUA Tomcat.
3582353 N/A LUA reports successful install but Postgres SQL service is not created.
3422461 TECH178155 Old Hub set of SEP for Macintosh AV definition are not purged that causes low disk space.
3463502 TECH178155 Files are not deleted in the purge process of distribution center.
3601150 N/A Upgrade HTTP Client and HTTP Mime.


LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.3

New features and enhancements

  • During installing LiveUpdate Administrator, the installation folder, temporary folder, and download folder cannot be empty. Also, the root drive (such as C:\ or D:\) must use a subfolder that does not contain other files. The subfolder should use a local path, as file share is not allowed. The similar validations are applicable on Preference page while changing Download and Temporary directory.
  • Support removal of non-supported product from Symantec Product Catalog.
  • To increase security, all administrator passwords to log on to LiveUpdate Administrator must be a minimum of 8 characters, be alphanumeric, and include one special character. For users using plain passwords without above recommendation, would still be able to login into application with same password after upgade to LUA 2.3.3.
  • The default protocol for Distribution Centers is HTTP. You can now configure the default Distribution Center to support either HTTP (7070) or HTTPS (7073), or the port that you configured when you installed LiveUpdate Administrator. The LiveUpdate Administrator URL’s now use the ‘HTTPS’ protocol instead of the HTTP protocol.
  • Export Import workflow has got changed for LUA 2.3.0, LUA 2.3.1 and LUA 2.3.2 – Please refer ‘Procedure to import configuration’ section for more details.
  • Forgot your password - If you forgot your password, click on ‘Forgot your password’ link that will send user a link, which is valid for 48 hours, to the registered email address. Clicking on that link will allow user to change his password.

New Fixes 

LUA 2.3 Fixes
Defect KB Article Abstract
3389946 TECH222933 Distributions to HTTPS servers fail with Java heap memory exhaustion
3521391 N/A Problem: Install fail on JPN OS.
3521393 N/A Problem: Logon to LUA console default DC “clu-prod” is unreachable always.
3521532 N/A Problem: [UI] Change "profile" to "account" for adding and editing user profiles
3532311 N/A Problem: LUA DC shows "Unreachable" after install issue on build
3538335 N/A Problem: LOC-GCR(EN/JP):LUA doesn't work, when restart the machine.(Tomcat service cannot auto-start when restart the machine)
3539939 N/A Problem: I18N LOC-GCR(JP):Unable to send test mail in JP-LUA.
3539958 N/A Problem: LOC-GCR(JP/CS/KN):distribute function not work well
3541750 N/A Problem: Configured the SEPM to point to the LUA and LU is failing
3541756 N/A Problem: Every time I reboot the server the service does not start
3544836 N/A Problem: LOC-GCR(CS/JP/KN):config::Export::the Login ID is garbage in Export configuration recovery file

LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.2

New features and enhancements

  • Packaged with Apache Tomcat version 7.0.26 and PostgreSQL version 9.1.3. defects
  • Packaged with JRE 1.7 (private JRE, automatically bundled, installed and configured by the LUA installer).
  • Enhanced security with advanced features to protect the User Interface from certain attacks.
  • Added the ability to modify the LUA download directory path at any time (not just at install time).
  • Product Catalog will now automatically update to ensure catalog changes become available without any user initiated action being required.
  • Daylight savings time changes will now be correctly handled for scheduled tasks.
  • Email notifications can be sent whenever a new LUA version is available, relevant catalog changes occur and as an early warning in advance of large monthly content downloads.
  • Enhanced content purging to ensure it works reliably, even if an external 3rd party source (e.g. robocopy) is also accessing the content.

LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.1

New features and enhancements

Please note: LUA 2.3.0 and previous releases utilize versions of PostgreSQL which have reached end of life.  All customers using previous versions of LUA are advised to migrate to LUA 2.3.1 as soon as possible.

  • The LUA web server service will now automatically restart if it crashes or terminates unexpectedly.
  • LUA will now automatically install and utilise an optimised private Java Runtime Environment (version 1.6 update 27). This also means it is no longer necessary to separately install a public JRE for use by LUA.
  • It is now possible for LUA to automatically run multiple specified distribution tasks after a download task completes.
  • New quick link added to the user interface which allows customers to quickly and easily capture all LUA-related troubleshooting information that Symantec Technical Support may require if answering a query or investigating a reported issue.
  • Other new quick links added to the user interface:
    • How to configure a Remote Distribution Center (Article and Video)
    • Product Selection Guide: Which sub components to select (Article)
  • Added ability for LUA to automatically send email notification on successful completion of a task (as well as failure of a task).
  • LUA will now automatically send an email notification when disk space is running low on the drive to which LUA is installed (the LUA database is at risk of becoming corrupted if disk space runs low).
  • Email notification appearance has been enhanced (now HTML based).
  • Security within the user interface has been enhanced to ensure protection from specific potential attack scenarios.
  • LUA will now periodically send anonymous product information to Symantec (can be disabled if required).
  • LUA now installs and utilizes the latest available versions of Apache Tomcat (7.0.21) and PostgreSQL (9.0.4).
  • 25 other third-party components upgraded.

LiveUpdate Administrator 2.3.0

New features and enhancements

See for a tour of the new features in this version.

  • Rapid configuration export and restore.
  • LUA download tasks can now automatically resume and retry file downloads.
  • Event driven email notification (with SMTP authentication support) to notify user(s) in case of download/distribution failures.
  • Ability to auto-start a distribution task after a specified download task.
  • Automatic LUA database maintenance, to ensure reliable and responsive operations.
  • Partially completed download and distribution tasks now show an accurate percentage of completion via the activity monitor.
  • Fast access to Symantec’s LUA best practice recommendations provided via the install wizard and program menu.
  • Optimised load times for the LUA console home page and event log.

Resolved defects

Known issues

  • Usage of JRE version 6 update 24 or higher is strongly recommended, to ensure maximum application stability and security. Usage of previous versions, in certain situations, may lead to system instability and insecurity.
  • If hard disk space is extremely low on an LUA machine, it can cause tasks to fail and in turn, cause LUA to not clean up task related temp content files.
  • “Null%” can intermittently appear in relation to the completion percentage in the email notifications for failed distribution tasks.
  • If 2 download tasks attempt to access LUA’s temp directory at the same time, it can cause the following error to occur “Failed to obtain write lock on content repository while committing download request id X”
  • Sometimes tomcat service "LUA Apache Tomcat" stops after doing random and multiple navigation in the application. This issue can be solved by using the latest available server JVM (JDK) instead of a client JVM (JRE). Please use following instructions:
    • Install the latest JDK 1.6 (note, it is JDK and not JRE)
    • Set your Path variable and JAVA_HOME to point to this JDK. To check if you are using the right Java in the path, open a command prompt and type java-version. It should show the version you had just downloaded and installed.
    • Server JVM will be used. Steps are documented in in tomcat configuration section.
    • Restart the LUA tomcat service from the services control panel.
  • For proxy connection configurations for source, failover servers and distribution locations, if FTP protocol is selected, application uses SOCKS to connect to proxy server.
  • For browsing between pages, please use the toolbar and bread crumbs provided. Do not user the Browser Back button. Its usage can result in unexpected behaviour.
  • Users are forced to save twice in order to add a Failover Server to a Source Server. When adding a failover server to a Source Server, you must first add and save the failover server details, and then save the Source Server record to fully commit the failover server addition. If not, the failover server will not be added. The same is true for the Central LiveUpdate Server (CLU).
  • In Source Server and Distribution center configurations, application is supporting proxies with Basic and NTLM authentication. For configuring NTLM proxies in LiveUpdate Administrator, the user needs to specify Domain to which proxy is connected. There is no separate input field for entering domain name. User should enter proxy user name as "<domain_name>\<user_name>", which is domain_name followed by "\" and then user name.
  • When a manual distribution is initiated by user, sometimes it takes more time to display activity monitor page when moving from page 2 of 2 of distribution wizard. 


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