How to configure statistical parameters within VERITAS Volume Manager (tm) for Windows 2000

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How to configure statistical parameters within VERITAS Volume Manager (tm) for Windows 2000


The Configure Statistical Parameters option allows for the selection of the statistics types for display in the Statistics tab screen. To select and configure a statistical type:

1. Right-click in the Statistics tab screen to display the Statistics context menu
2. Select Configure Statistical Parameters (Figure 1)

Figure 1 - Configure

3. Upon selection, the Configure Statistical Parameters options will be displayed (Figure 2)

Figure 2 - Options

4. If desired, select the refresh rate used for data collection. This is the time interval of the refresh of the screen display. Changes made here affect the speed at which the changes are displayed on screen.
Note: The program continuously runs and collects information in the background.

5. If necessary, select the statistics threshold. The statistics threshold is the minimum amount of I/O (Input/Output) per second that a disk or subdisk must have to display a color other than blue. Blue is the lowest state equating to low I/O activity. The default threshold is 15.

6. Select the statistics type that you wish to have displayed by selecting the check box to the left of your choice. You can select one, several, or all of the available statistics. Available Statistics are:

Read Requests/second
Write Requests/second
Read Blocks/second
Write Blocks/second
Average Time (microseconds)/Read Block
Average Time (microseconds)/Write Block
Read and Write Requests/second
Read and Write Blocks/second

7. If necessary, select the check box Show Configuration Information in Tool Tip. This enables a feature that displays a Tool Tip type popup window indicating the statistics and the types when you move the mouse over a cell in the Statistics tab screen that contains numbers.

8. Once the parameters have been set, click OK

Now statistics will display in the Statistics tab screen, provided that selected statistics types to display was indicated.
Please Note: The images presented above are from a Volume Manager 2.7 server. Later versions of Volume Manager are similar.

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