Virus Definitions missing from the Symantec Endpoint Client Console

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 The definitions information form the client console is missing. The status shows Your Computer is Protected. but, it does not show any date infront of Antivirus and Anitspyware and Pro ActiveThreat Protection.  



 Symantec Endpoint Protection version RU 6 

Operating system : Windows 2000 Professional service pack 4  


 1. Browse to the following location:

"C:/Program Files/ Common Files/ Symantec Shared/ VirusDefs" of the affected machine.

2. Backup the usage.dat and defInfo.dat files (Copy and move them to another location)

3. Go to any other machine which is running properly and which has all the definitions updated with the dates displayed.

4. Copy the same files (usage.dat and defInfo.dat) from the location C:/Program Files/ Common Files/ Symantec Shared/ VirusDefs to the machine where we have the issue 

5. Stop the smc service by going to Start>Run and typing "smc -stop"

6. Replace the files (usage.dat and defInfo.dat) 

7. Start the smc service by going to Start>Run and typing "smc -start"

8. The affected Client should now show up the latest definitions date 

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