SIM Readiness requirements and IIS (Installation 64-bit)

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Note: The following information was provided internally during SIM 7.1 testing. It is added as KB as reference.

I've been reinstalling ITSM 7.1 today and took the time to see if I could meet in advance the requirements with the information provided. I hit an issue with IIS which I document below.

In summary, it does *not* seem possible to configure IIS in advance using the documented role service additions. In fact, by reviewing the role services before and after SIM has 'fixed' IIS, and extra 13 roles have been installed above the stated Microsoft IIS 6 Compatibility Mode, ASP and Web Server Role Services.

Here was my process:

1. Installed IIS
Using through Server Manager -> Roles -> Add Roles I installed IIS and added the "IIS 6 management Compatability" to the selected defaults.

2. Installed and Launched SIM
The readiness check failed on the following,
    1. WCF HTTP Activation (required by enhanced silverlight UI)
    2. Microsoft IIS (Microsoft IIS 6 Compatibility Mode, ASP and Web Server Role Services)
    3. ASP.NET

3. Updated the IIS Roles
Added ASP and ASP.NET (which in turn adds ISAPI Filters, ISAPI Extensions, .NET Extensibility)

4. Installed and Launched SIM
The readiness check failed on the IIS components. Double-checked that everything installed matched the written requirements.

5. Let SIM Resolve the Readiness Checks
I let SIM apply the fixes to resolve, and the readiness check now passes.
Looking at the Role services though, reveals that **13** undocumented services are installed.


Symantec Installation Manager 7.1




From server manager install the following:

Web Server role
Application server role
Web Server IIS support

Let these turn on the defaults that they require and add the following features:
1) IIS 6 management compatability
2) ASP
3) NON HTTP Activation under.

When these are turned on and they automatically turn on the other required fields the IRCs pass.

The fix for WCF IRC basically runs the following:
servermanagercmd.exe -install NET-HTTP-Activation NET-Non-HTTP-Activ

The fix for IIS R=IRC runs the following:
servermanagercmd.exe -install AS-Web-Support Web-Mgmt-Compat Web-Asp

The ASP_SP3 IRC basically runs
aspnet_regiis -i for the v2.0.50727 of IIS.

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