Thin and thinrclm devices not discovered after installing 5.1SP1

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vxdisk list does not show "thin" and/or "thinrclm" flag after upgrading to 5.1SP1. Pre-existing disks may still show the flag(s) until a reconfiguration of the disk group writes out the configuration with the extended attributes stripped. 


# vxdisk -o thin list VxVM vxdisk INFO V-5-1-14413 No Thin Provisioned disk are attached to the system.


Solaris 10 with MPxIO enabled / SF 5.1SP1

AIX 5.3 / 6.1 with MPIO enabled / SF 5.1SP1

Any OS with EMC Power Path / SF 5.1SP1


From 5.1SP1 onward, extended attributes 'thin' and 'thinrclm' are not discovered by Volume Manager when MPxIO (SUN Multipathing driver scsi_vhci) or MPIO (AIX Multipathing driver) or EMC Power Path is enabled.  Thin device recognition and Thin device reclaim are only available with DMP used as the multipath driver as of 5.1SP1 and later.


Disable MPxIO (Solaris), MPIO (AIX) or EMC Power Path on the affected host. Use DMP for extended feature discovery and Advanced feature operations.

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