Hotfix for Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV), High SQL CPU Utilization during GetObjectsBySIDs/GetArchivesBySids for environments using Vault Cache.

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After upgrading to Enterprise Vault 9.0 or 9.0.1, high CPU utilization may be seen on the SQL server.


SQL Server heavily utilized CPU resources when a VaultCache synchronization was in progress


Which version of Symantec Enterprise Vault (tm) can this hotfix be applied?
This hotfix can only be applied to the following versions of Enterprise Vault for:

Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange 9.0, Build 1193
Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange 9.0.1, Build 1073


What issue does this hotfix resolve?
This supersedes the hotfix in Technote 139219:
High CPU Utilization from GetObjectsBySIDs and GetArchivesBySids

Which files does this hotfix replace?

The following stored procedures are updated/created (depending if hot fix provided in Technote 139219 is installed)
 1. GetObjectsBySids_Original
 2. GetObjectsBySids
 3. GetArchivesBySids

Files updated

How to Install this hotfix:
1. Stop all EnterpriseVault Directory Services
2. Ensure that the EnterpriseVaultDirectory Database has been backed up
3. Open the script Etrack_2245740.sql using an account with DB Owner credentials
4. Execute the SQL script against the EnterpriseVaultDirectory Database
5. Restart all services

How to Uninstall this hotfix:

If hotfix in Technote 139219 was installed:
 1. Stop all EnterpriseVault Directory Services
 2. Re-apply the hotfix in Technote 139219
 3. Restart the Services

1. Stop all EnterpriseVault Directory Services
2. Rename the existing GetObjectsBySIDs Stored Procedure using SQL Enterprise Manager to GetObjectsBySIDs_old
3. Rename the new GetObjectsBySIDs_Original to GetObjectsBySIDs
4. Restart the Services


EV 9.0 Hotfix - Etrack (5 kBytes)

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High CPU Utilization from GetObjectsBySIDs/GetArchivesBySids

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