Basic AntiSpam whitelisting fails to work on messages where a dot (.) exist in the user name which is to the left of the @ symbol.

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When using a whitelist for and a message comes in from this will work, but if you send the same message through from the whitelisting will not work.  Somehow the dot to the left of the @ symbol is causing a problem.


Code related issue.


Update: SMSDOM release 8.1.2 - December 2013

This behaviour has been fixed in Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) version 8.1.2, released in December 2013.

It is recommended to this version in order to resolve this problem.

SMSDOM versions prior to 8.1.2:

The work around is an extension manager that monitors the events for new arriving mail.  If the email meets some logic the extension manager will create a backup of the field needing to be modified, change the dot(s) (.) to the left of the @ sign to underscores (_), allow SMSDOM to then process the message.  The whitelist only works with the information to the right of the @ sign so the changes will help with this issue.

The work around should only be used if the whitelist feature must work now and using 64bit SMSDOM.  Otherwise, wait for the next build (8.1.2) which will fix this issue.  The file contains the dll and the ReadMe.doc file that explains how to install and use it.  There is also a movie file attached that demonstrates the work around.

Notice:  if there are Content Filtering rules working on the same field then it could affect those.  For example, if gets changed to it will no longer match a CF Rule looking for  So if there are rules like this you could just change the dots within the address to underlines while using the work around.

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