NB_7.1_2274411_1.zip is a OpsCenter 7.1 hotfix

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Fixes Included:

(ET 2095332) Data Collection from 6.5.x NBU Master for Devices never completes and also prevents other data collections from starting.

(ET 2116442) OpsCenter sending alerts for (master server) services on media server not running

(ET 2170994) OC reports invalid device info for invalid media server, also shows dev sharing when not configured.

(ET 2189429) The Policy & Schedule collector always fails when trying to connect to 1 master server

(ET 2274405) OpsCenterEEB Installer update

(ET 2276132) Server-side Exception while clicking Manage --> Devices-->Robot

(ET 2276142) Drives are not been listed in the Filter selection

(ET 2276146) Unknown exception seen on clicking edit button under configuration-->settings-->Tape Library



These issues and additional fixes are addressed in OpsCenter 


Symantec Bug ID: 2274411

Installation Location: OpsCenter 7.1

Unix Deliverables:

Windows Deliverables:


Please review the README instructions in the platform packages for full install/uninstall procedures


NB_7.1_2274411_1.zip is a OpsCenter 7.1 hotfix
NB_7.1_2274411_1.zip (24 MBytes)

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71/Denali EEB Bundle 1

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH156136

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