Backup Exec 2010: When backing up a virtual machine with Application GRT using the Agent for Hyper-V (AMVS) or VMware (AVVI) the backup fails with "Cannot backup directory \zzzvirtapp000zzz and its subdirectories"

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When performing and Application GRT backup of a virtual machine that has Microsoft SQL, Exchange, or Active Directory located on a GPT or Dynamic disk inside the Virtual Machine the Backup will fail with "Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp000zzz and its subdirectories"



Backup- VRTSRV::\\Hyper_V.LAB\Hyper-V?HA?VM\EXCH2010 - Error. Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp000zzz and its subdirectories.

Final error: 0x3 - The system cannot find the path specified.
Final error category: Other Errors

In this configuration Microsoft Exchange 2010 database are located on the virtual machine with the default data path for the databases on the D drive.

Backup Exec Remote Agent Debug (BEREMOTE.LOG) on the Hyper-V host reports:

[engidrapi]          - VirtualDisk File: N:\TEMP\Backup Exec\01cbdd057205d170\Virtual Files\M\Hyper-V\Virtual Guests\EXCH_SERVER\drive1.vhd

[engidrapi]          - Size: 75 GB

[engidrapi]          - Basic, Gpt

[mounter]            - UpdateExchangePdi: unable to find any files in '\\?\N:\TEMP\Backup Exec\MP00\D\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 0125688045\E00*.log'

[fsys\shared]        - Detach from \\EXCH_SERVER\Microsoft Information Store\Mailbox Database 0125688045

[mounter]            - CommonMounter::MountSomeApp: UpdateExchangePdi processing error 3 0x3 | UNEXPECTED ERROR(0x00000003): Failed to mount Virt-App


This error occurs when the application data (databases) are stored on a drive that is a GPT or Dynamic disk. 

Example Virtual Machine:
C drive is located on drive1.vhd
D drive is located on drive2.vhd

When a backup of this virtual machine is performed only the C: drive is backed up. So when the GRT process of the backup starts during the job it is unable to mount the D drive to build the restore selections for Application GRT information due to the unsupported disk configuration inside the Virtual machine.  Backup Exec doesn't support GRT or Application GRT with Dynamic or GPT disk inside the guest Virtual Machine per the Backup Exec 2010 SCL (TECH137682)





A) Perform Non Application GRT backup.  In the Backup Exec Job Properties under "VMware" or "Microsoft Hyper-V" select Virtual Machine Application Granular Recovery Technology Setting Edit the setting and disable Application GRT (TECH127133).  

NOTE:  A separate Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers(RAWS) backup is suggested to protect Exchange or SQL to provide Granular Restore of Exchange or SQL resources inside the Virtual Machine..

B) Install the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers(RAWS) on all the Virtual Machines for which one wants GRT information to restore. 

C) Change the Disk\Volume to BASIC disk.


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The system cannot find the path specified


Cannot backup directory \zzzVirtApp000zzz and its subdirectories

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