Journal Task or Archive Task starts but fails after 30 seconds

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Customer reports that a Mailbox Archiving Task or Journal Task is started but then fails after a short time.  Subsequent inspection of the event logs only reveals the following having been logged:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category: Journal Task
Event ID: 2258
Date:  28/03/2011
Time:  14:42:00
User:  N/A
Computer: EV82K10EV
The Journal Task 'Exchange Journaling Task for EV82K10BE' could not be started due to startup errors.

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Collect a dtrace of the task in question, if this reveals the following type of error,  "The system cannot find the file specified.  [0x80070002] |" as demonstrated below then inspect the registry and identify if the "InstallPath" key exists in HKLM\SOFTWARE\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Install

779 22:22:56.362  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:M CExchangeAdvancedPolicy::~CExchangeAdvancedPolicy
780 22:22:56.362  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:M HRXEX fn trace :|Source     : ..\ArchiveService\AgentTask.cpp (CAgentTask::Initialise) [lines {1401,1409,1418,1430,1433}] built Jul  3 19:40:19 2009|Description: Call error 0x80070002
781 22:22:56.362  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:M CAgentTask::Initialise - Com Result [0x80070002]
782 22:22:56.362  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:M CAgentTask::Initialise (Exit) |The system cannot find the file specified.  [0x80070002] |
783 22:22:56.362  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:M HRXEX fn trace :|Source     : ..\AgentsCommon\ArchiveAgentTask.cpp (CArchiveAgentTask::Initialise) [lines {350,356}] built Jul  3 19:40:08 2009|Description: Call error 0x80070002
784 22:22:56.362  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:M CArchiveAgentTask::Initialise - Com Result [0x80070002]
785 22:22:56.362  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:M CJournalAgentTask::Initialise (Exit) |The system cannot find the file specified.  [0x80070002] |
787 22:22:56.362  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:M CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Entry [m_nNumTries = 1]
788 22:22:56.362  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:L CBaseDirectoryServiceWrapper::CreateDirectoryService() - Successfully communicated with an EV Directory Service on the local machine
789 22:22:56.393  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV:L CDirectoryVaultObject::GetAttributeListFromType Unknown type - Task
790 22:22:56.393  [7580] (JournalTask) <7584> EV~E Event ID: 2258 The Journal Task 'Exchange Journaling Task for EXCHANGE31' could not be started due to startup errors. |


Solutoin applies to all version of Enterprise Vault


There are two avaialble solutions.

1.  Manually create a new InstallPath key in HKLM\SOFTWARE\KVS\EnterpriseVault\Install and set it's value to that of the location in which Enterprise Vault is installed.

2.  Reinstall the EV binaries

Option 2 however would be the preferred solution as this would ensure all relevant registry entries are correctly created.


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