Credentials in the credential database not found for unix server while querying for Oracle datasources .

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While querying the oracle datasources dependent on the unix platform, this error is often faced.



Credentials in the credential database not found.


Configuration of oracle databases and servers on unix platform with RMS console.



When querying the oracle datasources on unix platform from RMS console , even if oracle database credentials are configured in the credential database for bv-c for oracle and unix level credentials are not configured with bv-c for oracle , at that point of time we can face this error when querying oracle datasources dependent at OS level .


Check if unix user credentials are properly configured for bv-c for oracle snap in . If not , follow the below steps :

 1. On RMS left panel , Right click on BV-control for Oracle .
2. Go to configuration wizard and press next to follow  on the "configure oracle server" panel , select the tab register database and provide the necessary credentials to configure the oracle databases. If already done then select the server for which credentials need to be added and click next to move to "Unix target registration related option" panel.
3. Select the necessary option , either Agentless registration or Switch registration mode . If Agentless registration selected , then click next and "Configure BV-Control for Oracle - Unix Agentless machines " panel is displayed . Select the appropriate unix server to register from the Target machines currently configured list and also click on validate option to check the proper connectivity to the Unix server and click Next.
4. On the configuration summary panel, verify the details and check the option " Continue with Credential Configuration" and click next.
5. Choose the appropriate credential database in which the unix server credentials will be stored .If selecting for the first time , create a new credential database (it will prompt for password , provide the password which will be for the credential database ).
6. On select credential panel , under Products , select BV-C for oracle and expand All configured servers --> Agentless servers --> select the server which you want to add credentials for and click the select arrow (double arrow (>>)marked in the center of the panel). Once done,it will prompt for user credentials at the server level (for example root credentials or su credentials ) . Then click Next. 
7. Assign the appropriate credential database ( selected in the prior step) for the user and follow the instructions to complete the process.

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