Get the Inventory Agent Plug-in installed and configured using command line (LINUX\Mac OS)

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Want to use command line locally on the target machine to remove; install; configure and enable the Inventory Agent Plug-in.


Target machine are LINUX or Mac OS clients


To remove the Inventory Agent Plug-in:

.bin root # ./aex-uninstall
To install the Inventory Agent Plug-in:
/root # chmode –Rfv 777 agent/
agent root # ./agent-upgrade
To configure the Inventory Agent Plug-in:
.bin root # .aex-configure –iconfigure
Provide the settings to use in the next following lines. For example:

Enter the name or IP of your Notification Server:                                       http://TestSRV.Support.EMEA.Symantec.comc
Launch agent on machine start up:                                                              Yes
In which directory should the Agent’s log file be stored? (/.var):              enter different directory or just press ENTER
What should the name of the Agent’s log file be? (aex-client.log):         just respond with ENTER
Last command line with a configuration value should be:
Do you want the Agent started after configuration?                                   Yes

To get the basic inventory:
.bin root # aex-sendbasicinv

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