Error, "Error Evaluating rule. Error = . Guid Provider = '{}'. Guid='{}'"

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The following error appears in the Notification Server logs:

Error Evaluating rule. Error =80040154. Guid Provider = '{df407668-ec52-4582-8c1d-0c4d73e9530e}'. Guid='{235a3067-5d00-43cd-8f3d-eab6c5ffb2d2}'     CRuleEvaluator::    AeXNSAgent.exe


Notification Server 6.0 SP 3
Application Management Solution 6.1.4082


Two possible causes are
  1. The State Management Agent is not installed on the client (most likely).
  2. The State Management Agent is not registered properly on the client.

The State Management Agent works in conjunction with the Inventory Rule Agent to evalaute Package Management Tasks and their associated rules. The error is a result of the client executing the Package Management Tasks and failing during its rule evaluation.


Reinstall the State Management Agent. This can be done by uninstalling the state agent from the client. The default collection for the State Management Agent Install policy (Clients without State Management Agent) will install the agent after the client configuration is updated.

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