KNOWN ISSUE: Global Search engine in the SMP Console is not usable do to the time it takes to return results and or errors out.

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It appears that the search field/engine at the top right of the SMP Console (NS Console) doesn't work properly.
It takes a very long time to give any results, times out or it just returns the generic error page for the SMP.  
Looking at the NS logs, it also causes the SQL to deadlock.

Looking on the Profile Trace under the SQL tab, we noticed that the following query was taking a long time to return results:

Execute spGetCategorizedSearchItems @SearchString=N'%uninstall%', @Culture = 'en-US'


It takes a long time to finish, times out or just error out with a generic error messages such as:

- Description: Error occured while building Search Panel.

- Description: Error occured while searching for results.

- Description: Unhandled exception.  Type=System.Web.HttpException Msg=Request timed out.


Symantec Management Platform 7.0


The stored procedure spGetCategorizedSearchItems used by the search field/engine needs
optimization to improve the search usability.


This issue has been reported to the Symantec Development team. This issue has been addressed in ITMS 7.0 MR4 Rollup v11 (See HOWTO50312).


Prior to ITMS 7.0 MR4 Rollup v11, there was a workaround for this issue. There was an optimized version of the stored procedure spGetCategorizedSearchItems that can be used temporarily until you are able to upgrade to ITMS 7.0 MR4 Rollup v11. 
Run the attached file spGetCategorizedSearchItems.sql on your SQL Server Management Studio. It should update the mentioned stored procedure. Remember to make a backup of your database before running this updated stored procedure or just make a copy of the original one as a preventive measure.


Updated version of spGetCategorizedSearchItems
spGetCategorizedSearchItems.sql (3 kBytes)

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