Virtual Machine (VM) hosts discovered but Guests not being recognized.

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A network discovery is run to gather VM Hosts in the environment. Although Virtual Machine Hosts are discovered, the guest systems never are populated into the VMM Tree 


 No error giving (no error discovered at this point).


 ITSM 7.1


 Although a cause has not yet been determined at this time, the following troubleshooting might help in identifying a cause


1) Open SQL Studio manager, and open a window for a new Query

2) Confirm that queries run in the window will be run against the proper Database

3) run the following two queries

a) select * from vComputer

b) select * from INV_VM_Host

c) select * from vComputer AS vc join Inv_VM_Host AS vmm on vc.Guid=vmm._ResourceGuid

Please confirm that the resources in question are in both tables.

If not, please call support and open a case so that we might track these issues and notify you when a resolution/work around has been established.

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