KNOWN ISSUE: Mobile Management Suite is greyed out in Symantec Installation Manager preventing it from being selected.

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After loading Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) on four Symantec Management Platform (SMP) 7.0 Service Pack (SP)  5 Client Management Suite (CMS) 7.0 SP2 Maintenance Release (MR) 3 servers, SIM displayed Mobile Management Suite (MMS) as a selectable product on all of them except one, where MMS was greyed out.


On all four servers, searching for “mobile” using the following filters returns these results:

Suites = nothing

Solutions = Symantec Mobile Management SP3 HF1 (Type=Hotfix) & Symantec Mobile Security Solution (Type=Solution)

None = Mobile Common (Type=Solution), Symantec Mobile Management SP3 HF1 (Type=Hotfix) & Symantec Mobile Security Solution (Type=Solution)


On the one server that has this issue, only “Symantec Mobile Management SP3 HF1 (Type=Hotfix)” is greyed out due to being incompatible with the MR3 versions of SW Mgmt, DS, PMS & Inventory.

Checking the “Show all available versions” checkbox, “Symantec Mobile Management”, “Symantec Mobile Management SP1”, “Symantec Mobile Management SP2”, & “Symantec Mobile Management SP3” are displayed as previous versions, all of which are also greyed out due to the same problem.


Pressing the Update Now button in SIM did not change anything, and neither did adding a new product listing using the URL from the working servers (


SMP 7.0 SP5 CMS 7.0 SP2 MR3


Working servers:  SIM 7.0.814 – – Last updated = 11/04/2011

Problem server: SIM 7.0.814 – – Last updated = 07/04/2011


Earliest “pl.xml” file found in the “.\Altiris\Symantec Installation Manager\InstallHistory\\” directory:

Problem server = 24/09/2009

Working servers = 12/01/2010, 12/01/2011 & 04/11/2010


SIM had various incompatibilities with the old and new versions of the xml files it uses.



Delete or move the following files:

1. All “.\Altiris\Symantec Installation Manager\InstallHistory\\pl.xml” files dated 2009 and earlier.

2. The “.\Altiris\Symantec Installation Manager\InstallHistory\InstallHistory.xml” file.

3. The “InstallHistoryPl.xml” & “InstallHistoryPl.xml.bak” files from the “.\Altiris\Symantec Installation Manager\” directory.

4. Start SIM.

Fix: Upgrade from SIM 7.0.814 to 7.0.819

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Value2354405 - If SIM has been running earlier than 2010 it will not display Mobile Management Solution (MMS) as a selectable product.

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