ITMS 7.1 - Remote Clients are not able to register with task server in Proxy environment

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After installing NS and CMS suite installed OK, all the task servers have the same problem "task server cannot register itself".

The Altiris Agent log contains warnings like:

CAtrsException exception, error = "Unable to connect to any of the known task servers (Will refresh list of  available task servers.)", OS error = 2147549183, at line 1019
re-throw at CTaskServerNetCommsConnection::GetServersAndRegister 

Task server log contains warnings like:

<entry process="AtrsHost" source="unk" time="18/04/2011 10:46:12" type="Warning" > <![CDATA[NotificationServerWebConnection::CheckCredentials():
Credential check for "svc_altiris" failed: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an  error: (407) Proxy Authentication System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() at
Altiris.ClientTask.Server.Communication.NotificationServerWebConnection.PostToNo tificationServer(String url, ICredentials credentials, NSWebConnectionBuildRequestStreamDelegate requestStreamDelegate, Int32 nMaxAttempts, Int32 nTimeout) 

Client could ping the server and entering http://remoteTaskServer.local/Altiris/ClientTaskServer/Register.aspx into the browsers command line return success.


Remote Site Servers with Task Services with Proxy enabled


Possibly MS known issue - see KB


  1. To change the alternate URL on the Site Server agent settings to only have the NS short name i.e. without the remoteservername.local piece  i.e. use NSservername instead of FQDN

    Navigate to "SMP Console >Settings >All Settings >Agents/Plug-ins >Symantec Management Agent >Settings  > Symantec Management Agent Settings - Targeted"
    Select "All site Servers >Advance tab > [enable] Alternate URL for accessing NS" and enter the short NS Server Name.

  2. Update site server symantec management agent
  3. Restart agent - it should now register succesfully.

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