How to install DLP IC

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This document shows how to install DLP IC (Data Loss Prevention Integration Component)


1.Hardware requirement for Altiris SMP.  
Hard disk >=5G
Memory >=2G
2.The language of Altiris SMP is based on the setting of  IE browser, change the language by clicking Tools->Internet options->Languages, you can add other languages and change the priority of languages in IE.
Steps to install DLP IC:
1.With Windows server 2003 SP2, update . Net Framework to 3.5 (note: not 3.5 SP1)
2.Install IE7
3.Install IIS with Front Page Server Extensions 
4.From a command prompt, run 
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe –I
to install ASP .NET 2.0 into IIS 
5.Install CS SQL Server 2005
6.Install Altiris SMP SP3 
7.Install DLP IC, two methods, recommend the method 2:
1)Get the DLP_Agentmgmt_10_5_0_x86.msi file, run a bat file with following text:
msiexec –i  DLP_Agentmgmt_10_5_0_x86.msi –qb SKIPAIM=1
echo “Reboot now…”
shutdown /r /t /0
2)Get the PL(product list) file, launch SIM (program->Altiris-Symantec Installation Manager->Symantec Installation Manager),  click ‘Settings’ in ‘Installed Products’ page.
         Click “Change product listing”
In pop-up window click “Add”, then click “Browse” and navigate to where the package was extracted to and select the PL file, then click OKs to return “Installed Products” window.
  Click on “Install new products” to open “Install new products” window.  Now, you can install  DLP IC solution
8.Complete the installation of DLP IC
9.Launch Altiris Console by clicking Programs->Altiris->Altiris Console 7.0
10.Click Home->Security->Data Loss Prevention Home, then DLP Portal is opened
 Note that the DLP IC is no longer integrated with Data Loss Prevention, as of Data Loss Prevention version 12.5.

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