How to improve the performance of RAM

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When users get to the CCS Web Portal to respond to a questionnaire, it seems to take a long period amount of time (minutes) to get the listing of invitations that are available for the currently logged in user.


 If you monitor the processes during high usage periods you will find that it is IIS (wpw3.exe) which is taking all the processing resources of the system, not the RAM or SQL processes.  This is the same for any product which uses a web server as ours does. 

One option to improve preformance is by making the system part of a web cluster so other systems in the cluster can help process the requests. 

Another option is to install the RAM service on several IIS systems and then edit the web.config files on each system to point to a single RAM service and database.  The only problem with multiple RAM Websites is you would need to break your users up into groups and publish different URL's for them to browse to.  In many instances with wide geographical networks this can be beneficial because the users are connecting to localized web servers. 

In cases where no additional equipment is available to balance out the web server requests you could also send the invitations to smaller audiences each day over a several day period as opposed to sending out to everyone at once.

Which methods of network load balancing IIS is to use depends on the customer's specific environment, needs and hardware availability.

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