_Symantec_netBoot_Mtftp service fails to start

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PXE is not available because the _Symantec_netBoot_Mtftp service does not start successfully.


PXE boot is not available or 'Error 'The _Symantec_netBoot_Mtftp service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.'



DS 7.x


The service is trying to bind to a NIC/IP-address that is no longer available. This means that the IP address has changed and now the configuration files for SBS are out of date.

This is often cause when a server is moved to new hardware. In the case of virtual servers being copied/moved this will also happen.



Check the following:

- Run PXEStartupInfo.exe on the Site Server.

- Open the SMP console and go to Settings, Deployment and Migration, Symantec Boot Services (PXE), PXE Server Configuration. Check which PXE server(s) is listed here and what the IP-address is.

- Check all available NIC's in the PXE server(s) and make sure that one of the NIC's is using the IP-address that was listed in the PXE Server Configuration settings.

If the IP-address does not match then this will need to be corrected (either assign the correct IP-address to the NIC or enter the new correct IP-address in the PXE Server configuration settings).


When a server was moved it is possible that an error message shows up when you try to change the static IP-address of the new NIC. The message states that the IP is already being used by another NIC but after checking all the NIC's it is confirmed that none of them have this IP-address assigned. This is happening because the server still remembers the 'old' NIC and its settings.

This can be solved by making the 'old' NIC visible again in the network settings of the server:

- Open a command prompt with administrator rights


- After executing this command all previously available NIC's that the server remembers should now be visible in the windows network settings. Find the 'old' adapter and remove the old static IP-address.

Now the new NIC should accept the static IP-address.

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