PTP information details are missing from SEPM "Computer Status Logs" monitor.

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You want to find out what managed client has PTP installed in your environment.

In SEPM / Monitors / Logs / Computer Status, there's a column displayed on screen which tells, for each client, what protection technologies are installed. There is no mention of PTP, though, even from computers which have this optional component installed and enabled.

In the exported computer_status_export.csv, there's a lot more information about all of the clients (IPS definitions, whether NTP requires a restart, etc) but, again, no mention at all of PTP/PTS/TruScan/COH/SONAR/heuristics.

At present there is no way to get a list of all the SEP clients which lack PTP, or to list all clients that have PTP and what their current PTP definitions version. That information is in the database, though: it is visible when clicking on each individual client and viewing its properties.



This is as designed and there is no options to see PTP details in the monitors.

If you need this feature enabled in SEP 11, you may vote for this enhancement request at


This functionality will be included in SEP 12.1.

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