Newly assigned Control Center certificate is not being used.

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A new certificate has been assigned as the Control Center "user interface HTTPS certificate", but it is not being used when connecting to the web interface. Reviewing the certificate from the Control Center shows the old certificate is still in use.


If there is an issue with the old certificate, such as expiration, a certificate error will be issued by the browser.


Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5.x


The certificate is cached by the Control Center process and will not be updated until the Control Center service is restarted. This is a limitation of the application server software.


This issue has been partially addressed with the SMG 10.0.0 release. With the SMG 10.0.0 release, the administration interface will now prompt to administrator to restart the control center process rather than requiring a restart from the command line.

Workaround for 9.5.4 and earlier

To restart the Control Center service, log in to the SMG command line interface (CLI) as admin, and enter the following command:

service controlcenter restart


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