How to uninstall the Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM) Event Agent in command line

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You need to uninstall the SSIM Event Agent from Windows/Linux/Solaris machine .

The SSIM Agent is not listed in Add/Remove Programs as a registered Windows Application.



The SSIM Event Service is a Java application and can be uninstalled using the following procedure (Command Line)

To uninstall

  1. On the computer where the SSIM Agent is installed, at the command prompt, change to the folder in which the SESA Agent files reside, for example, C:\Agent. or /opt/Symantec/sesa/Agent
  2. At the command prompt, type the following:
    java -jar agentinst.jar -u -a

 Note: Make sure the "java" is in the path of execution. (Else fully specify the filename)

Note: The parameter -a is the same product ID value that was used to install the SSIM Agent.

 For more information see Page 13 of the Symantec_Event_Agent_4.7_Release_Notes.pdf (in case of the 4.7 Agent)

or this How To document

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