Recommending client-side exclusions for large files when using Symantec AntiVirus (SAV) for Network Attached Storage (NAS)

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When SAV for NAS is integrated with a NAS device the NAS sends files to SAV for NAS over the network.  Doing this for large files may cause performance issues on the network or on the NAS device.  


Configure the NAS device with filename extension exclusions.  These extensions include known file-types that are significant in size. 

SAV for NAS also has the ability to limit the files scanned based on size.  See the following article for details: Excluding large files from scanning to improve scan and network performance in Scan Engine 5.2.5 and later.

Database Extensions

ACCDB Microsoft Database (Microsoft Office Access 2007)
ADP Microsoft Access project (used for accessing databases on a server)
APR Lotus Approach data entry & reports
BAK Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) database backup
DBF db/dbase II,III,IV and V, Clipper, Harbour/xHarbour, Fox/FoxPro, Ora
EGT EGT Universal Document, used to compress sql databases to smaller files, may contain original EGT database style
FDB Firebird Databases
FRM MySQL table definition
GDB Borland InterBase Databases
KEXI Kexi database file (SQLite-based)
KEXIC shortcut to a database connection for a Kexi databases on a server
MDB/LDB Microsoft Database (Access)/Temporary database file, only existing when database is open
MDE Compiled Microsoft Database (Access)
MDF Microsoft SQL Server Database
MYD MySQL MyISAM table data
MYI MySQL MyISAM table index
NCF Lotus Notes configuration file
NSF Lotus Notes database
NTF Lotus Notes database design template
ODB OpenDocument database
PDB Palm OS Database
PRC Palm OS resource database
SQL bundled SQL queries
WDB Microsoft Works Database

VMware extensions

VMDK virtual disk file
NVRAM state of the virtual machines BIOS
VMSD stores info and metadata about snapshots
VMSN snapshot state file
VMSS suspended state file
VMTM config file containing team data
VMX primary config file
VMXF supplemental config file for virtual machines in a team

Microsoft Office

PST/OST Outlook archive files
FDT MS Office installation package


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