Image Cleanup ends with Status 174: media manager - system error occurred (174)

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A storage server has been incorrectly removed from the environment.  During image cleanups, this storage server (and any related resources) cannot be reached.


From Activity Monitor, Job Details


01/01/2011 12:01:01 - Info nbdelete (pid=12345) deleting expired images. Media Server: Media: @aaaaa
01/01/2011 12:01:01 - Error nbdelete (pid=12345) Cannot obtain resources for this job : error [800]
01/01/2011 12:01:01 - requesting resource @aaaaa
01/01/2011 12:01:01 - Error nbjm (pid=9876) NBU status: 800, EMM status: Media server is not defined in EMM
media manager - system error occurred (174)     



To remedy this requires a four-step process.

Step 1: Remove any images associated with the storage server and disk pool

Using a command line, in ./Netbackup/bin/admincmd

nbdevquery -listmediaid @aaaaa -U

Note the Disk Pool name and Disk Type to replace variables in next command

bpexpdate -stype %disktype% -dp %diskpool% -nodelete -notimmediate

ex. bpexpdate -stype PureDisk -dp my_disk_pool -nodelete -notimmediate

nbdelete -allvolumes -force
bpimage -cleanup

Step 2: Delete any related Storage Units and Disk Pools (either via NetBackup Administration Console or command line)

Step 3: Delete Storage Server

Continuing in the command line:

nbdevconfig -deletests -stype %disktype% -storage_server my_media_server

Step 4: Remove the Storage Server from EMM database

nbemmcmd -deletehost -machinename my_media_server -machinetype ndmp


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