Gaps of hourly summarized historical metric data missing

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When viewing historical metric data for a resource in the Historical Performance Viewer, there are large gaps of missing data. These gaps reside within the hourly summarization time frame and align across all resources.



The following error may be observed in SQL if the purging maintenance SQL stored procedures are being run manually:

Msg 8134, Level 16, State 1, Procedure spMonitor_HourlyMetricSummary, Line 5
Divide by zero error encountered.
The statement has been terminated.



  • Monitor Solution for Servers  7.1.7113
  • Monitor Solution for Servers SP5  7.0.8641



This behavior occurs if there's a calculation error when summarizing certain metric data. If the average calculation fails for one resource, it causes the entire summarization procedure to fail for all resources. As a result, the summarized metric data for that time frame is lost.

This is a known issue and has been submitted to development.



Please contact Symantec Enterprise Support if a fix is required for one of the above environments.

This issue is resolved in the 7.1 SP2 release of Monitor Solution for Servers.


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 "Divide by zero" error may occur during spMonitor_HourlyMetricSummary

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