When trying to run a Modify Configuration task, the task fails due to "Incorrect DHCP Flag"

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We have found that the imaging process will fail due to a failure to complete the "configuring computer" stage of the image download process. We have only been able to reproduce this issue on new builds when the computer record has two network adapters.


Once the client has downloaded the image the "configuring computer" process will begin and report it completed successfully very quickly although the configure process will not actually make any changes to the computer name, tcp/ip or domain membership


Windows 2008 R2 SQl 2008 & SQL 2008 R2 Deployment Server 6.9 SP3 Deployment Server 6.9 SP4


Create a computer record with the following network configuration via GUI or
import process:
The client machine should NOT have the DAgent/AClient running to prevent the
new computer record from being overwritten
Nic1 Should be connected to a switch that is configured for a VLAN that does
not have connectivity to a DHCP server.
Nic 1 DHCP flag set to 0
Nic 1 TCP/IP data blank (no data entered)
Nic2 Mac address should be populated with a valid address
Nic 2 DHCP flag set to 0
Nic 2 TCP/IP data entered with appropriate data such as IP, Mask, Gateway, DNS, WINS
Schedule/Start a build job on the new computer
PXE boot the client

The issue above will not repro if the above settings are used but the nic
enumeration is reversed (change nic1 to nic2 and vice versa)


Scheduled to be resolved in SP6

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH160676

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