"Monitored Resources by Status" web part not updating properly

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One an alert has been resolved for a resource, the resource is still being displayed as having a Critical, Major, or Warning status in the Monitored Resources by Status web part.



  • Monitor Solution for Servers 7.1.7113
  • Monitor Solution for Servers SP1  7.1.7348



This behavior may occur if a user chose the Acknowledge action for any of the triggered alerts followed by a Resolve action for those same alerts. These combined actions cause a SQL stored procedure and view to result in incorrect data.

This is a known issue and has been submitted to development.



This issue is resolved in the 7.1 SP2 release of Monitor Solution for Servers.



  1. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, create a backup of the vEventConsoleStatusRollUp view and _sp_ec_get_device_health_global_rollup_by_target_and_product stored procedure
  2. Attached to this article are 2 SQL scripts, vEventConsoleStatusRollUp.sql and _sp_ec_get_device_health_global_rollup_by_target_and_product.sql. Run each of these scripts against the CMDB to revise the effected stored procedure and view


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 "Monitored Resources by Status" web part does not display correct data after Acknowledge then Resolve for an alert

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH160978

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