CommandCentral Storage Database Disk Space Warning

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CommandCentral Storage Database Disk Space Warning is being sent to customer via email


This is happening because the threshold for your temporary space has been exceeded.
The temp space may be growing with various reports due to large and complex queries, then shrink again when the report has finished.
I'd recommend opening a case with Symantec Support to verify that the growing temp space is not an indication of any other issues:

Temporary File (C:\Windows\TEMP\asat0002.tmp)
    Disk space available for growth (MBs): 499
    Warning threshold (MBs): 512


This is a standard email alert, notifying customers that potentionally they can run out of temp disk space for CCS


Download and apply hotfix ccs-win-5.2HF520002323006w from (

Add additional disk space to the C:  drive if necessary

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