Hotfix for Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) for Sharepoint 9.0.2 - Sharepoint servers configured to only accepted Client Certificate Authentication

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Authentication to Sharepoint fails when the SharePoint server is configured to only accept Client Certificate Authentication.  This prevents the SharePoint archiving task from running and also prevents SharePoint target URLs from being added in the Vault Admin Console (the error 'Sharepoint target cannot be found' is returned on the Administration Console)



Which version of Symantec Enterprise Vault (tm) can this hotfix be applied?

Enterprise Vault for Sharepoint 9.0.2, Build 1061



File updated:

Enterprise Vault Server:

  <Enterprise Vault installation folder>\Example EvSharePointArchiveTask.exe.config
  <Enterprise Vault installation folder>\KVS.EnterpriseVault.SharePointArchiveCommon.dll

How to Install this Hotfix: 

On the Enterprise Vault server:

1. Stop the Enterprise Vault Admin service.
2. Create a backup of the files listed above.
3. Replace the existing files with the updated versions packaged in this hotfix.
4. If an EvSharePointArchiveTask.exe.config file exists then open it with a text editor.
   If the file contains an entry for the TrustAllCertificates setting then this should be set to true.
5. Restart the Enterprise Vault Admin service.


This hotfix only corrects the issue in the SharePoint archiving task.  The Vault Admin Console does not send the client certificate when validating SharePoint target URLs, therefore in order to add SharePoint targets in the VAC it will be necessary to set the EV 'AllowUnverifiedSharePointURLs' registry key:

    Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Admin
    Name: AllowUnverifiedSharePointURLs
    Value: 1 (DWORD)

Note that care must then be taken to enter the correct target URLs since the URL that is entered will not be validated.  It is recommended that you use the "Auto-enable site collections" option to add site collections to a Web Application rather than entering the URLs manually.



EV 9.0.2 Hotfix - Etrack (98 kBytes)

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Authentication to Sharepoint fails when the Sharepoint server is configured to only accept Client Certificate Authentication

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