Duplicate Cube names appear in the IT Analytics Cubes settings page

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After installing of IT Analytics and its related product pack, user is unable to install cubes in IT Analytics Settings page in the Symantec Management Console. The following are the steps to reproduce the issue:

1. ITMS 7.1 SP1 is installed prior to this issue. The IT Analytics Asset Management Pack 7.1.2  is available in Symantec Installation Manager. Install IT Analytics Asset Management Pack 7.1.2.

2. Configure the following in the Symantec Management Console (Settings > Notification Server > IT Analytics Settings)

This includes Symantec CMDB connections page.

And the Configuration page.

3. When clicking on Cubes settings page to install the cubes, you will have duplicate names of the Asset, Software License Compliance, and Software Purchases cubes.

4. If we proceed with the cube installation by clicking on Save Changes, the following error will appear.

5. After closing the IT Analytics Event Viewer, no cube has been installed.


The following appears in the IT Analytics Event Viewer once the cube is installed (as shown in step 4 under the Problem section):


Cube install process has completed.
Exception: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'Assets' Key being added: 'Assets'
Cube install process has initiated.


Products/Suites installed in Symantec Installation Manager with the above example:



IT Management Suite 7.1 SP1 (7.1.1050)


Asset Management Suite 7.1 SP1 (7.1.1)




Asset Management Solution 7.1 SP1 (7.1.1216)


IT Analytics 7.1 (7.1.5)


IT Analytics 7.1 SP1 (7.1.1050)


IT Analytics Product Packs:


IT Analytics Client Server Management Pack 7.1 SP1 (7.1.1050)


IT Analytics ServiceDesk Pack 7.1 SP1 (7.1.1015)


IT Analytics Symantec Endpoint Protection Pack 7.1 SP1 (7.1.1050)


IT Analytics Asset Management Pack 7.1.2


IT Analytics Asset Management Pack 7.1.2 is installed


Uninstall IT Analytics Asset Management Pack 7.1.2 from Symantec Installation Manager and re-run the configuration in Symantec Management Console to install the cubes.

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