Symantec Endpoint Protection: Scheduled scan start is delayed, or scan progress stops or proceeds slowly

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You have scheduled scan for a Symantec Endpoint Protection client. The scan start is delayed, or scan progress stops or proceeds slowly.


If you have enabled the display of a scan progress dialog, the display of the file currently being scanned may pause on one file for an unusally long time, or scan may stop unexpectedly.

If you have enable the Symantec Endpoint Protection debug log (vpdebug) on the client, you may see log entries similar to the following: "ScanThrottling: User is not Idle. Sleeping 2000 ms for the Best Application Performance scan."


There are several scan options that may contribute to this behavior. With a combination of these options, a busy client computer may appear to delay or slow a scheduled scan in an unexpected way.


Be aware of the scan options that affect scan performance and scheduling, and configure your scans accordingly:

  • By default, scheduled scan peformance options (in Scan Options, Advanced) are set to "Best Application Peformance".  When you configure a scan with this setting, scans will start but they only run when the client computer is idle. You can change this for faster scan performance,  but user applications may run slower while the scan runs.
  • In Scan Schedule options, you may choose "Scan for up to N hours". If the scan has not completed by that time, it will resume at the next scheduled time or at a randomized time within that interval. The default scheduled scan that comes with Symantec Endpoint Protection is set to scan up to 2 hours and to resume at a random point in that time. Choose "Scan until finished" to run the scan without interruption.
  • "Missed Scheduled Scans", also under Scan Schedule options, may start a scan at an unexpected time. This option will retry a scan within the specified interval if the computer is off or unable to start the scan at the specified time. Uncheck this box to start the scan only at the scheduled time.

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