Using Microsoft SYSPREP utility when imaging Windows 7, Vista or 2008 server operating systems

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The use of the Microsoft sysprep utility is required when imaging Windows 7, Vista or 2008 server operating systems.


Deployment Solution 6.9 all versions
For Windows 7, Vista or 2008 Server operating systems


The use of Microsoft sysprep when creating and deploying Windows 7, Vista or 2008 Server computer images is required in order to ensure that the computer CMID and SID’s information is unique.


In Deployment Solution 6.9 choose either a Create Disk Image task or a Distribute Disk Image task and enable the option for "Sysprep settings". Choose the correct operating system to use.

Deployment Server will create and include a sysprep answer file for each deployed image.

Sample answer files are located under:
C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Sysprep
These sample answer files may be edited for use as custom answer files. Custom answer files are not supported by Symantec.
Please also review these articles for further information regarding SYSPREP  itself:

Microsoft now requires imaging Windows 7 with SYSPREP. To see a step by step guide on how to image Windows 7:
General information about SYSPREP can be found on the Microsoft web page at
See Microsoft technical notes for limitations on running SYSPREP more than three times on a Windows 7 system.(
"Microsoft Support" at:

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