Infected files are not sent to Central Quarantine

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Scan Engine for NAS is not sending infected files to Central Quarantine as configured.


The most likely cause for this problem is environmental, such as:

  • Connectivity problems between Scan Engine and Central Quarantine servers.
  • Quarantine options are not set correctly in Scan Engine's configuration.



The following steps should help in troubleshooting and resolving the problem:

  • Analyse Scan Engine (SSE) logs (verbose if possible) matching the problem and look for quarantine-related events.
  • Set SSE "Local logging" to "Verbose" if not set already.
  • Ensure the connectivity between SSE and Central Quarantine is valid
    • "telnet" commands might help
  • Confirm from SSE logs whether other infected files are getting quarantined properly
    • Testing with an Eicar file might help


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